Meet Our Founder:

Yvonne Bowen
Worship Artist/Writer

Is prophetic worship minister and apostolic teacher. She is a certified Liturgical Dance Teacher. Her relationship with the Lord started at the early the age of 13. She has been dancing for the Lord since 2003 working with various churches to grow their Dance Ministries, preaching, teaching and working in the vineyard for over 28 plus years. She has been a member of the National Liturgical Dance Network via its CT Chapter since 2007. Her education includes a Graduate Certificate in Ministry in Daily Life from Hartford Seminary in Hartford, CT,  a Bachelor of Science from Charter Oak State College and current studies in T.E.N. - Rhode Island through Eagles Intuition International.  A life learner,  she is also a graduate of the Hartford Seminary Black Ministries Program and Women’s Leadership Institute as well as a loving mother of one son and two beautiful grandchildren.


What We Believe

We are a Christian organization and believe in the Bible as the final authority in our life.

We believe that the Bible is the basic operations manual for life and informs our steps in ministry, our professional lives, personal lives, relationships and our walk.

We believe in Godhead or Trinity. (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit)

We believe that dance is one of the many forms in which we give honor, praise and glory to God.

We believe that prophetic dance expresses the heart and mind of God.

We believe in deliverance and healing ministry.

We believe in providing a safe space to participate in meaningful study to sharpen gifts, heal hearts and empower to move in ministry for the service of God.